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Land-use planning and real estate

Statistics on ground use and the built environment in the Brussels-Capital Region

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Making the most practical use of land in a region as dense as the Brussels-Capital Region is crucial.

This section provides a wealth of information, such as land occupancy, the characteristics of existing construction and real estate sales.

This is where you can find BISA data and publications on Regional development.


Remark: Published data are the latest available; for more detailed figures or relating to other periods, please send your request using the form.


  • Land occupancy (.xls) (FR) -  09/2017 
    (Land occupancy per parcel type and real estate tax)
  • Social housing (.xls) (FR) -  09/2018
    (Social housing in the Region)




  • Statistical report  No.24: Etude d'incidences sur l'environnement urbain: évaluation de la qualité de vie d'un site
  • Statistical report  No.23: Les immigrés face aux problèmes du logement en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale