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Labour market

Statistics on the labour market in the Brussels-Capital Region: unemployment, the working population, number of jobs, population of working age, number of employees and salaries.

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The Brussels-Capital Region has a large working population or population of working age and also attracts a very high number of workers who live in the two other Regions of the country.

How many workers does the Region have ? In which sectors are they employed and at which salary ? Where is the employed population in Brussels? What about the unemployment figures ?

Find BISA statistics here on the job market sorted by:

  • Place of residence of the labour force (population of working age, working population, unemployment, etc.)
  • Place of work (numbers of employees, self-employed, salaries, etc.)


Remark: Published data are the latest available; for more detailed figures or relating to other periods, please send your request using the form.


  • Working-age population (.xls) (FR) -  08/2018 
    (Working-age population, unemployment rate, employment rate, activity rate)
  • Unemployment (.xls) (FR) -  01/2019 
    (Job seekers and job offers)
  • Domestic employment (.xls) (FR) 12/2018 
    (Domestic employment, wage-earning employees, employment in the public sector, international employment)