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Environment and Energy

Statistics concerning environment and energy in the Brussels-Capital Region

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Environmental considerations are essential, especially in a mainly urban area like the Brussels-Capital Region.

Environmental conditions influence the quality of life and have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of the inhabitants.

The data compiled here relate to climate, air quality, consumption and quality of water, waste collection, green spaces, biodiversity, energy consumption, etc.


Remark: Published data are the latest available; for more detailed figures or relating to other periods, please send your request using the form.


  • Environment and territory (.xls) (FR)  02/2018 
    (Air and climate, surface waters, territory and soils, nature and biodiversity)
  • Energy (.xls) (FR) -  08/2018 
    (Energy balances, transport, electricity sales and number of customers, electricity and gas flows)



  • Statistical report  No.25: La pollution atmosphérique, ses effets et ses coûts en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale
  • Statistical report  No.24: Etude d'incidences sur l'environnement urbain: évaluation de la qualité de vie d'un site