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Statistics on children of school-going age and schools in the Brussels-Capital Region

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Following the growth of its population, the Brussels-Capital Region is currently witnessing a surge in the number of children of school age.

Because education is a community competence, BISA provides statistics that combine data from both the Flemish Community and the French Community: student population, number of schools… BISA also provides student population data for education not provided by the communities.

BISA publications on these themes are available below.


Remark: Published data are the latest available; for more detailed figures or relating to other periods, please send your request using the form


  • School population (.xls) (FR) 08/2019
    (Pupils of pre-school, primary, secondary, non-university higher and university education; projections)

  • Schools (.xls) (FR)  03/2019
    (Schools seats and locations for pre-school, primary and secondary education)

  • Origin-destination of pupils (.xls) (FR) -  04/2019
    (Pupils of pre-school, primary and secondary education following their area of residence and schooling)

  • School career (.xls) (FR) -  03/2019 
    (Level of education, drop outs)

  • School staff (.xls) (FR) -  03/2019 
    haracteristics of teachers)