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Drill down onto my municipality


BISA has two series of publications about the municipalities:

  • Zoom on the municipalities: this publication is the result of a collaboration between the Brussels Institute of Statistics and Analysis (BISA) and the Brussels-Capital Health and Social Observatory, and it analyses the main demographic and socio-economic indicators of each of the 19 Brussels municipalities. It is a helpful tool for making decisions on a local level, seeing as it provides private and public stakeholders insight into the characteristics of the population and territory they are working with,

  • Bru19 contains the key figures of each of the 19 Brussels municipalities in many areas, from demography to economy, including town planning, income, education, etc. The first edition of Bru19 was published in 2006.




Bru 19

The 2006 to 2015 editions of Bru19 can be found here: