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26/09/2019 - Update of 4 themes

In September, four themes were updated and new tables were added to the IBSA website


In September, the scope of the Employment characteristics section of the "Labour Market" theme was broadened to include new figures on Career breaks, special leave and time credit for the years 2010 to 2018.



Other sub-themes have also been updated.

In the ”Health” theme, the figures for the year 2018 have been added to the table on Life expectancy and the table on the Percentage of the population with good (to very good) perceived health.

In the other data found under the “Labour market” heading, the tables concerning Self-employed people (at place of residence) in the employed labour force have been updated with the 2018 statistics.

Under “Research and technology”, the tables relating to Research and development spending and Jobs have been updated to reflect the data for 2016 and 2017 and the figures for the year 2015 have been revised.

As for the “Safety” theme, the 2018 figures have been added to the tables showing the Number of police officers in the Brussels Capital Region police zones.