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30/11/2017 - 5 themes updated

This month, five themes were been updated with the latest available figures

The theme “Household income and expenditure” was updated with the most recent income year (2015) as presented by the Taxation Statistics.

Under “Health”, the tables on the State of health and medical practices – Number of diabetic patients taking medication and Number of case of new cancers now also include the 2015 figures.

The tables on Environment and territory - Ecological quality of streams and ponds and Main flora and fauna species groups (fish), under the theme “Environment and Energy”, were brought up to date with the 2016 data.

The Vehicles table, under the theme “Mobility and Transport”, now also includes the numbers of motor vehicles as per 1 August (2017 figures), the Ecoscore data (2016 figures) and the number of kilometres travelled on the Belgian road network (2015 figures), while the Freight transport table was updated with the 2016 data. The Mobility practices - Household equipment table, for its part, was brought up to date with the figures of the 2016 Household Budget Survey.

Under the theme “Safety”, the 2016 policing levels per zone figures were added to the Criminality and police personnel table.