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28/11/2019 - Eight updated themes

This month, eight themes covered by BISA was updated

In November, much of the data from eight themes covered by BISA was updated

  • Population: the tables on Marriages, divorces and legal cohabitation have been updated with the 2018 data.
  • Household income and expenditure: all of the tables on Fiscal Statistics on income have been updated with the figures corresponding to the 2017 income tax year; the indicators relating to this theme have also been revised under “Key figures by municipality”.
  • Insecurity and Welfare benefits: the 2018 statistics have been added to the sections on the Right to social integration and the Right to social aid and the figures for the period between 2005 and 2017 have been revised; the indicators presented under “Key figures by municipality” have also been updated in this section.
  • Health: the table on Population distribution by smoking status, the table concerning the Percentage of the population with a problematic alcohol consumption and the tables concerning Overweightness and obesity were updated with the 2018 data. In the section on Medical practices, the 2017 figures were added to the Percentage of beneficiaries with a Global Medical File and to the Number of patients in medical facilities per 10,000 beneficiaries.
  • Labour market: in the section on Domestic employment, under the Regional employment dynamic, the tables have been updated with the 2017-2018 statistics.
  • Economy: the Number of businesses liable for VAT as well as the Number of business start-ups and closures were updated with the 2018 data.
  • Public finances: under Finances of the Communities and Regions, the results reported in the tables for the 2010-2018 period have been revised.
  • Environment and Energy: in the Environment and society section, the figures for the year 2018 have been added to the table on Tap water and Bruxelles-Propreté collections; the same applies to the sections on the Recycling of household packaging waste and Criminal offences against the environment, which have also been updated with the figures for the 2012-2017 period.
    The Energy section saw an update of the tables on Supplies of gas and electricity to the municipalities with the 2018 statistics.


Next publication of figures: CHANGE OF DATE

As the BISA offices will be closed from Wednesday 25 December 2019 to Thursday 2 January 2020 inclusive, the next publication of figures has been moved forward exceptionally to Thursday 19 December.