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28/03/2019 - Updates of the themes Education (NEW!) and Economy

This month, two themes were been updated with the latest available figures


The theme “Education” has been expanded with a new sub-theme, relating to the teaching staff.
There you will find Characteristics of the teaching staff.

They describe nursery, primary and secondary school teachers according to the following characteristics:

  • the community;
  • standard/specialized education;
  • commute to work;
  • sex;
  • age group;
  • seniority;
  • statute;
  • teaching qualification;
  • duties.

At the regional level, figures for the years 2012-2013 to 2017-2018 are available. Related methodology is also online.

This sub-theme will be further developed in the months ahead.



2016 figures were added to the Regional Accounts - Imports and Exports tables within the "Economy" theme. The years 2014 and 2015 were revised.

With the theme “Education”:

  • the tables related to School Population were updated with the 2017-2018 statistics. The years 2008-2009 to 2016-2017 included in the tables of Francophone non-university higher education were revised;
  • the tables related to Schools were updated with the 2017-2018 figures;
  • the figures for 2016 were added to School Career - School Dropouts.