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27/02/2020 – Novelties in 9 themes

In February, no fewer than 10 new statistical tables were made available and updated figures were included in 46 others.

In February, no fewer than 10 new statistical tables were made available and updated figures were included in 46 others.


  • Research and technology: in Research and development, two new tables on Entreprises innovantes par type d'innovation et par taille d'entreprise (Innovative enterprises by type of innovation and company size) covering the period 2004-2016. And in the Information and communication technologies (ICT) section, figures on Emploi total et la valeur ajoutée dans les secteurs de haute et moyenne technologie ou à forte intensité de connaissances (Total employment and added value in high- and medium-technology or knowledge-intensive sectors) for the years 2015 to 2018.
  • Environment and Energy: under Environment and territory, statistics on Émissions de gaz à effet de serre et sur les émissions de polluants atmosphériques (Greenhouse gas emissions and air-pollutant emissions) over nearly three decades (1990-2017) and 2019 data on the Réseau hydrographique bruxellois (Brussels water network).
  • Tourism and Culture: an examination of the Nombre de cinémas selon le nombre de salles (Number of cinemas according to the number of theatres) for the period 2005-2018.



  • Population: in Movement of the population, all tables are now updated with 2018 figures.
  • Household income and expenditure: update of the table on Rémunération des salariés par lieu de travail et section et division NACE-BEL (Employee remuneration by workplace and NACE-BEL section and division) (2008) in the Salaries section, with the addition of the 2018 results and revision of those for the period 2015-2017.
  • Labour market: in the Unemployment sub-theme, the table dedicated to Chômeurs indemnisés (Compensated unemployed persons) is completed with the 2019 data. In Domestic employment, 2018 figures are attached to the Comptes régionaux (Regional accounts) tables and 2015-2017 statistics are revised. The table on Emploi dans les institutions publiques de la Région Bruxelloise (Employment in public institutions in the Brussels Region) has also been supplemented with the 2018 statistics and those for the period 2010-2017 have been reviewed. And in the Employment characteristics section, the tables dedicated to Rémunération (Remuneration) as well as the Volume de travail (Work volume) have been updated with the 2018 data and those for the period 2015-2017 have been revised.
  • Economy: addition of 2018 statistics in the PIB (GDP) and Valeur ajoutée (Added value) tables, update of those for 2015-2017 on Activité économique (Economic activity), addition of the 2017 figures to complete the Investissements (Investment) tables and review of the figures for 2015-2016. In the Companies section, the tables on Mouvements démographiques des entreprises (Companies' demographic movements) have been supplemented with 2019 data.
  • Public finances: in the Finances of the Communities and Regions section, the 2018 statistics complete the Ventilation des dépenses par fonction (Breakdown of expenditure by function) and those on Dette brute (Gross debt) have been revised for the year 2016.
  • Environment and Energy: update of the tables on Bilan climatologique (Climate assessment), Concentrations en polluants atmosphériques (Concentrations of atmospheric pollutants) and Espaces verts bénéficiant d'un statut de protection de la nature (Green spaces benefiting from nature protection status) with the 2019 results in Environment and territory section and update of the table on Parcelles potentiellement polluées et polluées (sols) (Potentially polluted and polluted plots (soils)) with the data as of 1 February 2020.
  • Culture: update of the Nombre de cinémas, de salles de cinéma, de places, de séances, de spectateurs et recettes brutes (Number of cinemas, movies theatres, seats, screenings, viewers and gross receipts) with 2018 figures.