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26/07/2018 - 5 themes updated

This month, five themes were been updated with the latest available figures

In July, five themes were updated. Check them out!

Under the theme “Population”, the 2018 figures were added to the Annual change tables. Furthermore, the Population on 1 January indicators, which you can find under Key figures by municipality, were updated with the 2018 statistics.

The 2015 Regional accounts - Household income accounts figures were added to the theme “Household income and expenditure”. In addition, the figures for the previous years were revised.

Under the theme “Economy”, the Economic activity - Exports and imports of goods and services tables now also include the 2014 and 2015 statistics.

The 2015 figures were added to the tables featuring the Number of life births by gestation period, which you can find under the theme “Health”.

Under the theme “Safety”, the 2017 statistics were incorporated into the Crimes and offences figures. In addition, the 2010-2016 figures were revised.

In the same theme, the Road safety - Road traffic accidents - Number of accidents and number of victims, were updated with the new 2017 statistics while the figures for the 2012-2016 period were revised.