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26/03/2020 - Six themes updated

In March, the data on six of the areas dealt with by BISA was updated

In March, the data on six of the areas dealt with by BISA was updated. In addition, new gender breakdowns were added to the international employment statistics for the Labour Market.

Population: the tables on Current nationality and Demographic projections have been updated. Figures on projections of the number of private households and annual population change are available for the period 2020-2070.

Household income and expenditure: the Regional Accounts tables have been updated. Data are now available up to 2017.

Health: regarding State of health and Medical practices, the percentage of the population reporting having taken psychotropic drugs in the last two weeks has been updated for 2018.

Early childhood: the tables regarding the Number of early childhood spaces and Number of early childhood facilities for children under 3 years of age authorized by the ONE (Belgian Office for Birth and Childhood) and/or Kind en Gezin (Child and Family Agency) have been revised for 2018.

Education: the tables concerning the Student population have been updated for 2018-2019 (for university students: 2014-2015 and 2015-2016).

Labour market: in the tables containing the figures on Domestic employment, the following statistics have been updated up to 2018:

  • the number of jobs with local authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region by type of institution,
  • the number of full-time equivalents with local authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region.

In the tables on Employment characteristics, data on career breaks, leave for special reasons and time credit are available for 2019.