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25/10/2018 - 7 themes updated

This month, seven themes were been updated with the latest available figures

In October, a new table was added to the theme “Security”, and six other themes were brought up to date. Check them out!


A new table, on Staffing of police zones in the BCR - Evolution of local police staffing made its appearance under the theme “Safety”.

The information is broken down by region and for the years from 2004 to 2017.



Under the theme “Population”, the tables on Nationality at birth were updated with the statistics for 2018.

The tables on the Number of enterprises subject to VAT, the Number of births of enterprises and the Number of deaths of enterprises now include the 2017 figures and are available under the theme “Economy”.

The statistics for 2017 were added to the tables on Employment in the Brussels public administration by sex and status, which you will find under the theme “Labour market”.

Under the theme “Land-use planning and real estate”, the tables on Building stock, Housing and Garages, parking lots or covered parking spaces were updated with the figures for 2018. The 2016 and 2017 statistics found in the table on Housing were also revised.

Figures for 2015 and 2016 were added to the tables on Live births by mother’s age, while the table on State of health and medical practices – Diabetes was updated with the 2016 figures. These tables are available under the theme “Health”.

Under the theme “Safety”, the tables on Operational staff and Logistical and administrative police staff by police zone were brought up to date with the 2017 figures.

Lastly, the 2016-2017 statistics were added to the tables on Educational institutions, found under the theme “Education”.

In the “Key figures by municipality”, the table on Number of places for 100 children under the age of 3 under the theme “Early childhood” was updated with the figures for 2017.