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25/04/2019 - Update of 5 themes

In April, five themes were updated and new tables were added to the IBSA website


In April new tables were added to the BISA website under the theme "Public Finances". These are on the Budgetary accounts of the municipalities and more precisely:

  • the breakdown of extraordinary income by economic group (ventilation des recettes extraordinaires par groupe économique);
  • the breakdown of extraordinary expenses by economic group (ventilation des dépenses extraordinaires par groupe économique);
  • the breakdown of capital expenditure by function (ventilation des dépenses d’investissements par fonction).

Figures are available at municipal level for the 2010-2017 period.



The theme "Labour Market" has been updated with the new 2018 statistics of the Labour Force Survey. More specifically, the tables relating to:

  • de the working-age population (Population en âge de travailler) on the basis of survey data;
  • de the employed labour force (Population active occupée) (LFS);
  • de job characteristics - Working arrangement and contract type (Caractéristiques de l’emploi - Régime de travail et type de contrat).

The table concerning Travel Practices - Home-to-Work Travel (Pratiques de déplacement - Déplacements domicile-travail) was also updated on the basis of the Labour Force Survey, under the theme "Mobility and Transport".

In the theme “Public finances", the tables on Finances of the Brussels Municipalities - Municipal budget accounting (Comptabilité budgétaire des communes) have been updated for the 2010-2016 period.

In "Education", the 2017-2018 statistics have been added to the tables on:

  • Origin-destination of pupils - Students’ travel between Brussels Capital Region, the provinces of Brabant and the rest of Belgium (Déplacements des élèves entre communes de la RBC, les provinces du Brabant et le reste de la Belgique);
  • the School Population - Higher and university education (Enseignement supérieur et universitaire).

The tables concerning Land occupancy - Cadastral Parcels (Parcelles cadastrales) have been updated with the 2018 statistics under the theme “Land-use planning and real estate".

Next release of figures: CHANGE OF DATE

BISA statistics updates are published on the last Thursday of the month. However, the next publication of figures has been moved forward exceptionally to Wednesday the 29th of May. The BISA offices will be closed on Thursday the 30th of May (public holiday for Ascension).