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25/01/2018 - 5 themes updated

This month, five themes were been updated with the latest available figures

The Households - Marriage and Divorce tables, under the theme Population, have been updated with the 2014 to 2016 figures.

NEW: henceforth, the marriage and divorce statistics will be compiled on the basis of the National Register.

A new table has made its appearance under the theme Mobility and Transport: Collective transport and shared mobility - Car-sharing: locations by municipality, which depicts the January 2018 situation. The table Active mobility - Villo stands and locations has been updated with the January 2018 figures.

The theme Labour market features a number of new tables:

  • the Population of working age table now provides you with the broken-down details, compiled on the basis of administrative data for the 2005-2016 period, on:  

- socio-economic position,
- unemployment rates,
- employment rates,
- participation rates.

  • Domestic employment, where new statistics are available on:

- domestic employment of the Brussels municipalities for the 2010-2015 period, based on administrative data;
- regional employment dynamics (2006-2015 figures), which are based on data originating from the DynaM-reg project.

  • Employment characteristics, more specifically, work arrangements (2010-2016 figures).

Under the theme Tourism and Culture, you can now find the 2016 figures on Culture - Movie theatres, Seating capacity, Screenings, Spectators and Gross revenue.

The Environment and territory - Annual climatological overview in Uccle table, which you will find under the theme Environment, has been brought up to date with the 2017 figures while the Green spaces accorded nature protection status table now also contains the figures available on 1 January 2018.