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20/02/2018 - Mini-Bru 2018 has rolled off the presses!

Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA) - Discover the last edition of Mini-Bru

Interested in the Brussels-Capital Region?

Then Mini-Bru 2018, with its wealth of figures on Brussels, its population, economy, territory... is exactly what you are looking for. Did you know for instance that the Brussels Region’s 1,200,000-strong population is made up of 180 nationalities? Given that the UN recognises 197 countries in the world, there is no denying that Brussels is a truly cosmopolitan region!

During 2017, Romanians were the second most numerous group of foreign nationals living in Brussels (9.3 % of the foreign population), after the French, who have been topping the charts for many years (15.2 %). The population of foreign nationals living in the Brussels Region essentially remains European (66 %).

The 2018 Mini-Bru issue also offers you a number of new features, inter alia, in the fields of economy, mobility and poverty.

Check out Mini-Bru 2018 on the BISA website or order your own copy now.

Happy reading!