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BISA, the reference centre for Brussels statistics

BISA, the reference centre for Brussels statistics


BISA's main mission is the collection and processing of statistical data.

BISA manages a vast data portfolio from about a hundred different suppliers (federal, regional, community and municipal).  This is regularly added to by the partnerships which BISA has developed with different data producers.

Thus, BISA works with the NBB as much for the development of economic and regional statistics  as for increasing the additional sample survey on enterprise and consumer confidence in order to have access to reliable monthly data on the level of the Region.  The Institute works with the FPB on the development of regional economic perspectives and the construction of new demographic forecasts (release scheduled for 2014).

In 2012, a regional statistical inventory was prepared. This led to the establishment of an online documentary platform offering data producers easy access to a large amount of metadata and a multi-year action plan for the dissemination of new statistics by BISA.


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