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BISA evaluates public policies

BISA evaluates public policies


In 2013, BISA's missions were extended to include the evaluation of public policy. Therefore, the Institute carries out evaluations of public policies entrusted to it by the Brussels Government.

BISA's first evaluation concerned the implementation process for the cross-cutting actions of Brussels "New Deal", also called the "Sustainable Urban Growth Pact".  The Cahier No.4 "Evaluation of Brussels New Deal cross-cutting actions" and the soon to be published scientific review for research on Brussels "Brussels Studies", present the results of this evaluation and the methodology implemented designed to guarantee the independence and scientific precision of this evaluation.

Apart from its own evaluation work, BISA provides methodological support in the field to other Brussels public institutions, in particular by participating in support committees or by disseminating methodological documents. In particular, the Institute publishes BISA Focus on public policy monitoring and evaluation indicators.

Finally, BISA participates in different evaluator networks (SWEP, VEP) and exchanges its experience with other public evaluation bodies.


The evaluation of a public policy is a scientific process which involves the objective examination of its procedures, products or effects and which assesses it on the basis of pre-defined criteria (effectiveness, equity, coherence, relevance, efficiency, sustainability, etc.).

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