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BISA advises Brussels institutions

BISA advises Brussels institutions


As a decision-making support tool, BISA places its expertise at the service of other Brussels institutions. 

Thus, in 2013, BISA provided technical and/or methodological support to various Brussels institutions (regional, community and municipal) in the frame of  specific projects.

Some examples:

  • Social Barometer, calculation of cycles and trends (at the request of the Health and Social Observatory);
  • Local Security Diagnosis (at the request of different municipal administrations);
  • Studies on promising branches of activity for economic changes (at the request of the Economic and Social Council);
  • Brussels energy review (at the request of Brussels Environment);
  • Teaching flows map (request resulting from a cooperation agreement between several partners): Federation Wallonia-Brussels, Walloon Region, Brussels-Capital Region, etc.);
  • Mobility Observatory (at the request of Bruxelles Mobilité - BRPS).

BISA also represents the Brussels-Capital Region at many official statistical and economic bodies (Higher Council for Statistics, Scientific Committee for the Economic Budget, Scientific Committee for the National Accounts, etc.), in which the Institute ensures that the interests and identity of the Brussels-Capital Region are defended.


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